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Beyond Tiles

How do you ensure that Fibo — a proud Norwegian manufacturer of wall panels for bathrooms and kitchen — were able to cost-efficiently increase market share and penetrate new markets?


Customer is king -> we create a brand they would love

Customers use online to make decisions on purchase -> we created a strong digital presence

Digital is cost efficient and effective -> we digitalized Fibos service offering

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Photo by Siren Laudal, from a series of articles created to repositioning Fibo. 

The challenge

The market for buying building materials is going through a change: competition is increasing and the consumer is more informed about the alternatives in the market. Putting all in the hands of the retailers is a thing of the past. The brand has to appeal to consumers where they are searching for it — and then make it simple to buy the products.


In store photos of Fibo-Trespo.

We started with an analysis out market and how Fibo-Trespo is sold, including awareness (online, retailers, social media, entrepreneurs, architects, fairs), competition, customer journeys (acquisition of product, delivery, assembly, service).

The data gathered from this research was then mapped to a SWOT-model. This was parts of the foundation for a new platform for the new Fibo brand and positioning:


1) From retailer to consumer 

2) From technical to inspirational 

3) From product to service 

Fibo has a wide range of products, but had never explicitly told how wide it is. We took it once step further by, for the first time ever, showing all those variations by rendering 3D images for every single product for customers to see, combine and be inspired.

Previously, Fibo had communicated their products as products for bathrooms, with a seperate product (Kitchenboard) for Kitchen. Based on trend insight we used the opportunity to tell the story of a wider usage, hence widening Fibo's market.

The real savings that comes from using Fibos system - are in time it takes to assemble. That has a significant impact on the budget, especially when building a wetroom. We created a calculator on the website for customers to discover what consumers could save by using Fibo over tiles.



Consumers are becoming more and more focused on buying sustainable products. Fibo has, since they started in 1952, focused on the environment, though their choice in materials, suppliers and delivery. In addition, Fibo’s waste product is significantly less than tiles. And now they are building a low-emissions factory in 2016.

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Frequently asked questions

We created a frequently asked questions section on a new website, as well as illustrations and effective contact forms.




Based on the “i” from the new Fibo logo, we created a “totem” with modular walls to display communication, show samples, magazines and accessories. Coming 2017.

Sales tools for retailers

This case is not only about repositioning towards end users, but also about making retail more effective. We created a series of digital sales tools to help both customers in shop, as well as sales agents.


Calculate savings compared to tiles. Simple interface, advanved calculation.


Calculate number of plates needed — and what and how much accessories (screws, selant, etc) needed.