Norway’s most known chef, Eyvind Hellstrøm, does more than just make great food. He has a strong and genuine drive to improve people’s everyday relation to food.

Through a holistic approach of understanding all current and coming initiatives we created a strategy together with Team Hellstrøm that would ensure that his company’s philosophy would be heard. And for this to happen continuously – both in products as well as in services – as new ideas and opportunities arrive.


When Hellstrøm after 27 years left his two-star Michelin restaurant Bagatelle, his reputation was one of a master chef for the few and wealthy. How could he go from that position to use his knowledge for the good of ordinary families?

We proposed that he clearly states his philosophy – and then create products, content and services supports it.

The philosophy, that people deserve better, was a natural result of the empathy he found travelling the country, meeting ordinary families who struggled with making food (through the television show Hellstrøm rydder opp - hjemme).

When we first met Hellstrøm we started out by mapping his many current initiatives, to see the whole range of products and services from a brand point of view. We needed to ensure they were all helping us to drive the brand – as well as the capitalization mechanisms – in the same direction.


What this mapping exercise also helped us do, was to see opportunities.

Among these, seeing the potential for new relations between old initiatives – and how digital and infrastructure is key to making strategy happen. This led to a systematic way of both aligning the current initiatives, as well as a way of introducing new products and services in this ecosystem – the world of Hellstrøm. The products, content and services we created together, would still have a wide range: from tv shows, cooking books, kitchen products to travel guides. But they would all leave no question; that there was only one chef in the kitchen: you.

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Hellstrom 07 step 1 3 logo2x

Logo fundament.

An elegant, hand drawn, wordmark with a lot of personality — shaping the Ø in Hellstrøm — as a master chef’s knife.

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Hellstrom 07 step 3 3 logo2x

Logo cast in iron.

Requirements: 1,25mm stroke width maximum, minimum 1mm distance between paralell lines. 45mm maximum width.

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Hellstrom 07 step 2 3 logo2x

Logo sandblasted in glass.

Requirements: 0.2mm maximum width,20.8mm total width. Stencil.