In 2012, we partnered with the newly established innovation department at Statoil (INN). A department with a corporate mandate to solve some of the most pressing technologies and project challenges.

The senior partners at Int. have worked with Statoils upstream activities since 2007. Starting as strategic partners to the communication department, solving brand related challenges, from strategy to implementation. Always with a strategic mindset and the digital ecosystem as our habitat our work span from the corporate website to global HR strategies and where we started to prioritize digital tools for the management. 

One of the first things we did, was to visualize their new Innovation process. This ended up in a video that was mainly used internally.

Statoil st 1

All the work we have done together with Statoil's innovation departement share the same attributes; they address key business challenges with an holistic, efficiency oriented and interactive mindset. We can not share all of it openly yet, but below we elaborate parts of the projects that are public

Open innovation                                                             

Statoil's own expertise and innovation capabilities are strong, a crucial part of this strength is about the ability to establish and nurture deep and long term industrial partnerships, in order to tackle increasingly complex energy and technology challenges. To build on and enhance this ability even more, effectively extend the reach across industries, regions, companies and academic institutions - we have developed Statoil's external eco-system for open innovation.

Business goals & potential

Innovation in Statoil is not a marketing stunt as a result of the innovation hype. Innovation in Statoil is about solving real business problems, it’s about creating solutions that will bring business value for Statoil and their partners.


Based on the learnings from the pilot project, launched in 2010, we established some key business goals;


  • Get better ideas from a wider audience
  • Draw entrepreneurs, experts and innovators closer to Statoil
  • Reach experts from different industries
  • Improve the process to handle applications and ideas submitted

Our approach

We always start with a holistic approach to make sure all initiatives align to the strategic goals and create masterplan document where the analysis leads to possible scenarios. With quick prototypes we visualize the potential solutions and a decision board is made to ensure each action is consistent and purposeful.

To ensure our audience understands clearly our business needs, meant  we needed to establish a closer collaboration with the challenge owners internally in Statoil and help to formulate the briefs assuring we could give enough depth and clarity (without violating any secure information nor intellectual property rights). As part of the solution we used illustrations, infographics, storyboards/videos understandable for a wider audience than the energy industry.

Interview (Oct. 2013)  with Ole Gunnar Dokka.

Manager Innovation engagement at Statoil

Spreading the challenges to a wider audience with small investment on payed media, meant we needed to reach the problem solvers where they are. The events they participate, the (online) communities where they follow and the peer networks. 

To address this we looked into several scenarios but LinkedIn kept surfacing as the best option (we have been working with linkedin communities before and the learnings from an earlier recruiting project enabled us to make a good evaluation between the goals and possibilities). Since we had not seen anywhere this kind of integration, it meant a lot of research, some testing and a good dialogue with the folks at LinkedIn in london.

Int statoil linkedin

LinkedIn is an online directory of professionals and companies. Individuals and companies use LinkedIn for professional networking and has millions of members in more than 200 countries, including executives from all Fortune 500 companies.

The solution was to set up a dedicated LinkedIn-group and mirror the discussions on the Innovate portal. 


  • A cross-posting strategy which allowed users to participate where they are and not force them to “jump” from site to site;
  • An identity management solution able to give the most context for both statoil and interested professionals, specially about experience and connections;
  • Achieve a serious and professional level of participation by making clear the insights are visible to all group members, potentially promoting a non-linear discussions and real innovative ideas ( in opposition to incremental logical discussion space), etc.

The result, so far…

It is too soon to talk about real business impacts, but for the first time we now have a proposal that has gone through the open innovation portal and approved as a pilot. A technology that has the potential to increase Statoil´s operational efficiency and improve HSE standards offshore.  

Int statoil site

No. of submitted proposals: 451

No. of LinkedIn-group members (all organic): 1.111

No. of unique visits to innovate: 152.123

As of June 2014. Please visit Statoil's open innovation portal and join the Innovate with Statoil group on LinkedIn to see the latest challenges, results and who knows… start innovating with Statoil.

A successful project is never done. It is never perfect. If you aren’t learning from it, then you’ve given up. It’s a constant process of assessing the landscape, making hard choices and accepting trade-offs. It takes passion, dedication, design, engineering, planning, talent, time, iteration, research, occasional moments of blind faith, that’s why collaboration plays a central role in all our projects.