In September 2012, six of Norway's most prestigious museums, approached us with the challenge of creating a common app focusing on families and youth. The goal was to enhance the experience of the visit by creating activities along the journey, increase participation and introduce additional information about the different art collections.

With so many stakeholders it was only natural that the brief was trying to cover everything and everybody. The list of “what the app should be”, included audio guides, augmented reality, games (such as turing artworks into puzzles), news feed, quiz games, interviews, drawing competitions, users commenting on artworks, push notifications, statistics, cms, gps positioning of artwork and map integration – to mention a few.


It was clear what this project needed was new perspective: a clear and consistent story with solutions that was based on user patterns and needs, rather than a list of functionalities.

We didn’t get the project, but we learned a lot in the process. We believe the artwork alone has value enough when visiting a museum. Instead use the opportunity to create a lasting relationship to the museum.