NKS Nettstudier is one of Norway’s biggest online schools, and their foundation is making education accessible. With the rise of mobile users, NKS found themselves in a situation where the software for their enrolled students – Luvit – wasn’t able to adapt its tools and content to mobile devices.


When NKS approached us to help them design a responsive solution, we proposed a different route.

In its simplest form this would mean re-encoding the videos to formats for mobile and making them available on a streaming service. To make it a proper tool for studying, we thought it needed more: a way to take notes and a way resume where you left off - independent of which of your devices you were using.

Nks 03 sync2x

Inspired by how the Kindle manages sync, notations, sharing, offline storage and text highlighting across devices – we thought: why shouldn’t this work for videos as well?

Nks 04 annotate2x
Nks 05 pause2x

The project is currently awaiting funding, and we’re looking forward to continue the process of what we think will be a service truly answering to making education accessible — on the go.