To plan all things needed for a family throughout a year is a lot of work. And a lot of expenses.


Every year 28 billion NOK is spent in Norway alone on shoes, sports equipment and clothing. At the same time a big change is happening: mobile is becoming the platform to browse, plan – and also buy all these things. The report, Our Mobile Planet from Google, shows that this activity is seldom impulsive, people spend a lot of time before deciding. So we thought, how could we combine all of this knowledge to create a valuable tool for families – as well as an effective business tool?


Using Norway’s biggest media group, Schibsted, as an example – we came up with the “Season Planner”.

Seasonplanner 02 model2x

In the intersection where family needs meets product knowledge, editorial reviews and social recommendations, is where you find our Season planner.

Combining the family’s needs with product knowledge and related editorial content – as well as the social part of shopping – creates a valuable service. Add to this ways to budget, plan, share and store your family's need – and mobile tools to solve them on the go, and you have a very powerful mix.

The Season Planner is a tool for families to make sure their needs throughout the year are remembered and organized, a place where they feel secure about the shopping choices they make, and can make the best deal for a product they need – either new or used.

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With the integration of a button, all of Schibsted’s services could be integrated – and drive traffic to each other. Finn (used market), Prisguide (affiliate driven price comparison and reviews) and Mamma (family related editorial content).

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