When Bubbles Burst is a documentary by renowned director Hans Petter Moland (Aberdeen, The Beautiful Country) that examines the mechanics behind – and victims of – financial bubbles and crashes.

The documentary comments on how globalized economy is making it increasingly difficult for nations, companies and individuals to protect themselves from extreme financial volatility. This highly relevant topic is needless to say of great international interest, importance and value.

In our opinion, this film’s website could be as interesting, important and valuable as the film itself.

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The story of this project started when we were sharing the same office space as the editor of the film in the autumn of 2011. On breaks during after hour work, we found ourselves engaging in interesting discussions with him time and time again. The editor told us about the vast amount of great interview material that would never make it to the screen because of his time restrictions.

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“I was told that it would be easier to torrent the way I made it, but I chose to do it this way anyway, because I want it to be easy for people to watch and enjoy this video in any way they want without "corporate" restrictions.”


- Louis C.K.